The Link Between Leadership Vision and Transitioning to a New Future

Inspiring a Coalition to Deliver Sustainable Change

Leadership and vision are crucial to your organization’s success in the VUCA world. It’s the key to leave the past behind and build a coalition for sustainable change. McKinsey & Company describe visionary leaders as:

“Leaders (who) shape the emergence of a clear, compelling purpose and vision – a North Star – that resonates throughout the organization and beyond. They don’t arrive at this in the boardroom. Rather, they emerge from the organization by observing and listening to people throughout the system, offering ideas for consideration, and integrating others’ perspectives with their own original thinking. As visionaries, leaders also work with teams to translate the vision into measurable outcomes that empowered teams can work towards.”

A vision for the future gives people a sense of what their company will become over time. This vision will guide decision-making and help the organization move toward it. 

The vision should be created on the values that are important for the organization, and the purpose of what the organization does. Only then can you develop the business strategies that will help create an engaging culture for employees and drive progress toward your strategic goals.

Leadership vision is key for successful organizational change

Leadership vision is a powerful force in business success. It motivates employees and encourages them to work for the betterment of the company, their families, and the community.

To lead organizational change effectively, it is crucial to have a clear vision that guides all your decisions. Knowing where you want to go will help you identify obstacles in your path, and negotiate them with agility.

Developing vision as a change leader

Effective change leaders have the power to transform organizations by creating a vision that is bigger than themselves. They are not driven by personal gain and instead, they work towards a higher purpose.

The first step in developing your vision as a change leader is taking time to reflect on your own life experiences, what you’ve been taught, and what’s happening around you in the world today. What do you want for yourself? What are your values? How do those values play out in your everyday life?

However, to develop the vision you must be able to see beyond yourself and the current situation. This is achieved by constantly reflecting on what has worked well when obstacles have been faced, what has gone wrong in the past, and how certain events build into a big picture for future success.

You must think about your organization holistically – as a whole, rather than in parts. You should keep an eye on the big picture and stay focused on the scale of things. 

You’ll stay ahead of the game and consider all factors when making important decisions that can influence your organization’s success. You will also apply other people’s insight into how you can make goals come true for everyone involved so that the company moves forward together as one cohesive unit.

In short:

  • Know yourself
  • Know your people
  • Know the world around you
  • Listen to a wide range of views and insight

Sharing the vision for organizational change

To inspire your people and create a coalition for change, you must be able to communicate effectively with your team members. It is important that you understand how your team operates and the types of people within it.

Some of the best methods for inspiring your employees involve being clear in your vision, creating a positive work environment, and communicating regularly. In order to achieve these goals, it’s important for you to learn more about how different personality types operate – so you can find ways to connect with your employees and motivate them.

Visionary leaders help their people excel

Visionary leaders excel when it comes to understanding the organizational environment and adapting to its changes. They have a knack for setting up appropriate organizational structures that allow organizations to thrive in turbulent times.

With a unique ability to create an attractive vision that will motivate people to follow them, visionary leaders communicate strongly and lead by example. They inspire their people. As a result, they can motivate people with their vision and build both individual and organizational success – and always deliver collective values and sense of purpose.

Your people can be game-changers. To learn how our Leadership Circle™ Impact Program delivers the skills your organization needs to deliver impactful and sustainable change in the complex VUCA marketplace, click here.

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