Why No One Likes a Negative Boss, and the Benefits of Positive Leadership

What Is Positive Leadership in the Workplace?

Leadership is a powerful position, and those in charge of leading others need to be mindful of the impact that they have on their employees. A negative leader will demotivate employees, make them question the company’s values, lead to conflict, and damage productivity.

In this article, we examine such issues in a little more detail and look at ways that positive leadership benefits organizations and their teams.

4 Disastrous effects of negative leadership

Negative leadership is a term that refers to a leader who is more focused on their own personal goals than the goals of the organization. A negative leader does not inspire those they lead. They discourage them, with disastrous effects:

  1. Negative leaders are less likely to be respected by others in the workplace

Negative leaders are less likely to be respected by others in the workplace. They are also more likely to be seen as incompetent by their followers. This is because they often show their negative emotions and thoughts through their verbal and nonverbal communication. This makes people feel uncomfortable, frustrated, or even angry and makes for a poor work environment.

  1. Employees feel less motivated when they work for a negative leader

Employees with negative leaders often feel less motivated and more stressed. They also have a lower sense of engagement with the company, feeling that their ideas are ignored, that their work is not appreciated, and that their desire for personal development is overlooked.

  1. Negative leadership behaviors lead to lower levels of performance among followers

Negative leadership behaviors are characterized by the following:

  • Use of threats and punishments to compel employees to do what is required

  • Use of insults and sarcasm

  • Providing unclear instructions

  • Lack of respect for others

  • Lack of support for team members

A leader who treats his or her employees poorly is more likely to face lower levels of performance among followers than one who has a positive relationship with them.

  1. Negative leadership leads to higher levels of absenteeism and staff turnover

People don’t leave companies. They leave bad bosses. Poor managers and bad leaders make employees miserable. This not only affects their performance, but it also affects their mental health and home life. They take time off work and eventually leave. High absenteeism and staff turnover are disastrous for your organization’s performance.

The lasting impact of positive leadership

Positive leadership is the most crucial factor in creating a healthy work environment. It has been proven to be a key driver for higher levels of employee engagement and motivation. Positive leadership turns every disastrous effect of negative leadership on its head.

Positive leadership is infectious. Positivity breeds positivity, and the attitude of employees reflects the attitude of their leader. A positive leader will inspire innovation, creativity, and collaboration. He or she will develop motivation, high performance, and loyalty.

You’ll find that people who work in positive work environments benefit from greater job satisfaction, physical and mental health, better social relationships, and higher levels of self-development.

For the organization, positive leadership is transformative, delivering lower turnover, higher productivity, more effective customer service, greater revenues, and higher profitability.

Do you want to be a more successful leader? Then practice positive leadership

As a negative boss, you don’t only damage your team and your organization. You damage yourself, too. With the right mindset to lead with inspiration and positivity, your team will be more successful ─ and this reflects directly on you.

If your team isn’t performing to the peak of its potential, the first place you should look for improvement is within yourself. Fully understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your unconscious biases, and your natural reactions is a level of self-awareness that can transform your performance as a leader, and your team’s performance as your followers.

To learn how our leadership coaching programs help to develop the skills needed for effective and successful leadership, contact Primeast Forward Focus today.

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