How to Make Extrasensory Perception Your Salespeople’s Unique Selling Proposition

Emotional intelligence is the key to influencing a buyer’s subconscious mind

Most of our decisions are made subconsciously. Which way to open a door (in or out). Which foot to lead with when crossing a road. Open the fridge door, and your mind knows what you will prepare from the ingredients contained within before you do. This isn’t supposition. It’s fact. Research by Soon et al in 2009 found that the brain is aware of our decisions before we make them consciously.

Marketers and salespeople know this is true. It is encapsulated in the expression ‘people buy on emotion and justify with logic’. Advertisers have been manipulating subconscious buying decisions for decades – it’s called subliminal advertising.

Salespeople can sell to the subconscious, too. All you must do is learn how to influence the subconscious mind of your prospect. Do this, and your USP will be ESP (extrasensory perception) in the sales process.

To sell more, get in touch with the buyer’s emotions

If the buying decision is predominantly an emotional one, then it follows that the best salespeople are those who are in touch with their prospects emotionally.

Of course, you must first master your own emotions before being able to influence a purchase. Then, you choose your behavior to respond appropriately to the emotions and behaviors of the prospect. By doing so, you influence the emotional subconscious of the buyer.

Developing emotional intelligence is the key to influencing emotional buying decisions, and the key to influencing the subconscious mind is to hone social awareness skills.

The importance of social awareness in sales

Social awareness enables you to progress conversations and interactions positively. It helps you to understand that the buyer needs to feel like the significant partner in the transaction about to take place. You’ll present a solution that focuses on their problems and needs, as you:

  • Listen more deeply, ensuring that the prospect creates an emotional attachment to you because you listen, and are interested in the challenges they face
  • Communicate with sincerity, complementing them on something they have done, and which helps your cause
  • Empathise with their issues, putting yourself in their shoes
  • Show that you value their thoughts and opinions

Break down resistance with influence

Your emotional influence will help to break down resistance to buying. This is a difficult skill, because the buyer must believe that it is he or she who is driving the direction of the conversation. In this way, it will be the buyer who makes the decision to buy rather than feeling as if they have been sold to. The 12 rules of influence to increase sales include:

  • Focusing on the customer and not what you are selling
  • Being positive
  • Using body language to reinforce sincerity
  • Using the law of psychological reciprocity
  • Understanding that people cannot be forced to do anything

Tackle conflict with confidence

There are few sales conversations that do not run into objections or conflict. As an emotionally intelligent salesperson, you will overcome such resistance, further enhancing the prospect’s emotional pull to make a positive buying decision as you team together to find the solutions the prospect needs. As you do so, price begins to fade as an obstacle to purchase or a bargaining tool.

Make yourself indispensable

Buyers today are more informed than they have ever been, and have a wider and deeper access to products and services. The challenge for you as a salesperson is to ensure that you make a difference with every contact you have with your prospects and customers. You need to build long-term relationships, in which you are considered to be a valuable member of your customer’s team. To do this, it is vital that you develop the emotional intelligence skills that will help you influence the subconscious mind.

Contact us today, and discover how we could help salespeople understand their own reactions, and how to embed the behaviors needed to boost sales as extrasensory perception becomes their USP.

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