Consciously Communicate

Course Description

All successful managers and leaders have strong self-awareness and awareness of others.  This course supports the development of both of these by introducing participants to the 4 DISC behavioral styles.  As part of this program, each participant receives a DISC assessment that will uncover their behavioral styles - how they do what they do.  This knowledge of Self and the awareness of the 4 different styles encourage managers and leaders in modifying behavior to accomplish goals through effective communication with others that may differ from them.   They become aware of how they impact others and have the ability to understand others needs to more effectively build working relationships and teams that work. 

Course Objectives:

  • Describe their own DISC communication style and its major strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize the DISC communication style of others and how to bridge to another style
  • Effectively present an idea to a different DISC group

Target Audience

Newly-promoted managers as well as experienced managers who want to update their management skills, particularly in today’s continuously changing workplace

Duration/Class Size

This course is a half-day in duration. It can be customized into a full day for greater practice and application.  The recommended number of participants per class is 7-20 per session, although larger groups can be accommodated with an additional facilitator.

Forward Focus Deliverables

  • Facilitator for the 1/2 day program
  • DISC assessment report for each participant
  • Facilitation of experiential learning sessions
  • Participant’s Guides for each module
  • Job Aids to support learning
  • A 1.5 hour individualized coaching session for each participant to leverage a better understanding of their DISC assessement

All Forward Focus courses can be customized to meet organizational needs.  To learn more about how this course might be customized for your needs please contact us.