Style of Communication – Do You Know Yours?

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Whatever the industry in which your organization operates, your managers and leaders are principally involved in the people business. Their responsibility is for the construction and maintenance of an environment that gets work done, using communicative strategies that enhance employee engagement. Utilizing DISC styles helps leaders to identify communication style and  the motivation of employees using behavioral leadership theory.

Understanding behaviors to increase team performance

Having the ability to read people is often considered to be something of a natural talent; an art rather than science. However, the DISC personality styles model uses a simple and yet scientific method to enable the understanding of others’ behaviors. This helps to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, helping use personality styles to a team’s best advantage.

DISC personality styles and model behaviors

The DISC personality styles circle is divided into four quadrants, based upon two internal and two external behavioral traits:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Compliance
  • Steadiness

And based upon two internal and external behavioral traits:

  • Internally, we observe outgoing and reserved
  • Externally, we observe task-oriented and people-oriented

We all have an element of each of these behavioral traits in us, and display them at different times and in different conditions. Commonly, though, we display one or two in our everyday behavior: identify these and you identify how well someone may fit into a particular team, what duties and responsibilities they will be most adept at, and how to support them in career progression.

DISC Personality Types

Where do you fit in?

Dominant people are outgoing and task-oriented. They are focused on outcomes, good problem solvers, and concerned about the bottom line.

Influencers (or inspirers) are outgoing and people-oriented. They will interact and communicate freely, showing interest in others.

Steadiness is exhibited by people in the third quadrant. These may be modest and sincere, and will also be sincere in what they say and how they act.

Compliant people are task-oriented but reserved. They will be cautious thinkers, and accurate in their daily work.

The DISC personality style model will help managers identify their own behaviors, strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others. To help managers and leaders achieve this level of self-understanding, we recommend:

  • A DISC Personality Assessment
  • Coaching in learning to understand the DISC Style of others
  • Coaching in adapting style to collaborate more effectively with others and build stronger teams

Through this coaching model, leaders will be better abled to communicate more effectively and develop the workplace relationships to jumpstart change, crafting a message that communicates to and is understood by all.

Contact Forward Focus today to Discover how a Course on DISC Styles will develop and embed effective communication skills in the workplace, for leaders, managers, and employees.

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