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Our Consulting Model

Our Consulting Model

While Forward Focus uses traditional consulting methodology in its client engagements, we integrate it with a more customized and dynamic approach described above. The client owns the process from the very first step: the way we work focuses on partnering and building something together. After the initial consultation and contracting phase, our consultants gather various data to better diagnose your core business issues. We then make recommendations on the programs that would have the most impact in your organization to achieve the goals we set collaboratively. Together, we determine the best way to design and implement the recommended solution. We help you understand the reasons behind the chosen solution, and we share with you our strategy for implementation. We imbed an evaluation process into the work that ensures we stay on target to meet your expected outcomes. We work alongside you the entire way to ensure that, when we end our engagement, you have the skills and tools necessary to continue reinforcing the changes for long-term success. 


 Stage  Description
Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation
  • Forward Focus gets to know you, your organization, and your core business issue(s)
  • Client gets to know Forward Focus
  • Conduct open dialogue around factors supporting an engagement, and potential barriers that might hinder a successful outcome
  • Outcome: Strong communication patterns are created from the first conversation
  • Agree on Scope of Work
  • Agree on method and process
  • Agree on success measures
  • Align on roles and expectations
  • Outcome: Client and Forward Focus have established a formal working relationship
Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Interviews/Focus Groups/Observation
  • Personality and behavioral assessments of key stakeholders
  • Assess holistically, at organization, team, and individual level
  • Outcome: Client receives analysis and realigns with Forward Focus on uncovered business issues
Program Design
  • Get approval on recommended solution
  • With client input and ownership, identify the steps required for the solution
  • Design the program together, identifying the people and resources necessary for successful implementation
  • Outcome: A customized program that addresses client’s specific business issues, and which is ultimately owned by key internal stakeholders
  • Set context and communicate intention
  • Take action that works towards program’s key deliverables
  • Attend regular internal status meetings to collect feedback for making adjustments
  • Outcome: A program that is implemented using real-time business issues as its core. This reinforces new behaviors and skill transfer and gives on-the-spot program evaluation against Key Performance Indicators.
  • Assess outcomes with formal program evaluation, HR metrics, and/or business metrics
  • Collect feedback from client
  • Outcome: Client is able to celebrate successes, and yet redirect efforts accordingly until intended outcomes are achieved
End Engagement 
End Engagement
  • Client receives all documentation and project deliverables.
  • Wrap up meeting gives client opportunity to share final feedback, concerns, and suggestions
  • Outcome: Client takes ownership of the process going forward, has gained skills and tools to successfully execute and replicate the work necessary to ensure sustainable success

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