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Our Approach

Putting it together- through the power of partnership with our Clients

We’re Forward Focus, we work with people at the individual, team and organizational levels to grow and make lasting changes that have a positive impact on their work and their lives.  It's like Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”.  And every day each of us takes to the stage in the workplaces we call our own.   Today our workplaces are in constant change, shifting to keep up with the dynamic marketplace.

When asked, “What do organizational development (OD) and change management coaches and consultants do?”  We like to refer to the metaphor of the theatre.  We are producers, writers and directors.  Imagine that the producers of a Broadway show have been asked to run a new show and have it ready in three weeks’ time.  They must use the same cast, without down time from the current show before they have to switch to the new show.   

What needs to be done? As OD coaches and consultants, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.  Whatever we’re doing, we’re always rehearsing the leaders, coaching, teambuilding, training, facilitating and cheerleading. We get to know the cast and the production intimately, and we’re there to help put it together.  Bit by bit, part by part.  But we don’t do the job for them.  We help the cast assemble it, rehearse it and get it ready for the new show - they do it - we help!

That’s how we enter into engagements with our clients: We’re there to learn your business and get to know you, what works for your company and what needs to work better.  We collaborate in the creative change process.  We facilitate the new vision for a way forward and then we hold the new play book and work with the leaders as they transition from one form to another, bringing the new vision into clarity and focus. We are the scaffolding that holds the structure of the new form until the shift is complete.  After all, you’re running a business every day and you can’t stop and go dark as you recast for the future! 

We work within the business, alongside the leaders to shape and support their transformation to attain their business goals. Rest assured, the world is always changing, but it is ultimately the ability of the people to respond that gets us to our goals.  We make it possible for them to respond in new ways.  Organizations are made up of people!  We have a passion for the resilience of the people to grow, develop and respond! We play the supporting role in the process of change.  We are Forward Focus! Partners in the business of Change!

Our Partnering Model Your Stage




Our Approach: a Dynamic Process Always Done in Partnership.

We Partner With You In Different Ways Based On Your Needs at a Given Moment.

Together we determine the level of support you need to identify and reach your goals.

Our values have been with us since we formed the business over 15 years ago. They are the foundation for how we show up and work with our clients and with each other:

  • Integrity – Alignment between what is on the inside and what shows on the outside.
  • Excellence/Mastery – We strive for excellence in all we do and call our clients to their best work.
  • Partnership/Collaboration – We work in partnership with our clients and each other to create solutions everyone can buy in to and that achieve exponential results.
  • Creativity – We design and deliver innovative solutions customized to project objectives, budget requirements, and the culture of the organization.
  • Action-Orientation – We translate thought leadership and best practices into action plans and encourage continuous forward momentum.
  • Learning & Growth – We demonstrate a “can do” attitude; we believe human beings are capable of learning their way through any barrier to achieve greatness.
  • Diversity & Freedom – We believe individuals have the right to be themselves and give voice to differences from a place of contribution
  • Professionalism - We believe in treating each other with mutual respect and regard in how we speak, show up and relate to one-another.

Our Team

Beth Williams, CEO and Managing Partner “Inspiration - Action - Results” Beth Williams brings 25+ years of sales, marketing, management and Human/Organizational development experience to her role as CEO of Forward Focus. She started ...

Our Partners

Strategic Partners Forward Focus is proud to partner with the following organizations, working in support of our mutual interests, values and purpose. Primeast is our global strategic partner.  We support each other through shared values and ...

Clients and Testimonials

Janice C. Lilien, Executive Director, YWCA Union County Forward Focus boosted the capacity of YWCA Union County’s Leadership Team by helping us understand our own communications and work styles, and work more effectively as a team.  Cu...

Our Consulting Model

While Forward Focus uses traditional consulting methodology in its client engagements, we integrate it with a more customized and dynamic approach described above. The client owns the process from the very first step: the way we work focuses on partn...