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Among training consulting firms in NYC & NJ, you’ll find the Forward Focus leadership coaching and training approach refreshing and invigorating. In today’s informed society, leading effectively requires the honing of subtle leadership skills. Today’s leaders need to be authentic, participatory, and adaptable as organizations change. We coach and train your leaders to be in touch with their passion to lead, to engage effectivley, and to motivate staff with collaborative flair rather than by command and control. They’ll recognize their own strengths, and use their own experience and learning to benefit their individual leadership styles.

Leaders, employees, and the organization will all benefit from the advantages that effective leadership offers, including:

  • Maximized performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Better workplace relationships
  • Higher employee retention 

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As the world of work continues to evolve, these tips to lead your people now that they aren’t in the office are invaluable for all organizations.

Jumpstart Change

Organizational change is difficult. Human capital consulting firms play a vital role in managing resistance and empowering effective change initiatives. At Forward Focus, we work with clients to create a blueprint for change and identify potential change leaders. Then we coach them in order to build the skills needed to combat resistance and encourage engagement in the change process as soon as it is initiated.

Your change leaders will be able to identify breakthrough ideas and create energy for change. This energy will shape those ideas into new products, services and initiatives that will transform your organization.

This jumpstart strategy challenges institutionalized thinking and removes the preconceived boundaries that are stopping your organization from reaching its full potential.

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The Power of Positivity in the Workplace to Shape Results During Organizational Transition

Don’t underestimate the power of positivity in the workplace. In a positive workplace culture, even the most challenging organizational change can be successful.

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How to Motivate Employees When Your Workplace Moves to Their Home

Switching to remote working can be difficult for your workers. The plethora of challenges can leave them demoralized. We discuss how to motivate remote employees, so you can reap the many benefits of leading a remote team.

Consciously Communicate

Communication is a crucial component for successful organizational change.  Unfortunately, the lack of frequent and effective communication is the leading cause of failed changed efforts.  Knowing how to effectively create a change management communication strategy, to include tried and true communication techniques and methodology, organizations will be better able to build trust, commitment, adaptability and have people ready for the change with the skills required when the change occurs. Conscious communication is a skill that helps make the future vision a reality...and Forward Focus works with leaders to build that skill.

We go beyond the staff bulletin board and brings communication strategy and tools into the 21st century for a rapidly changing and evolving business landscape.  We'll partner with you to create a tailored plan that works best for your employees and organizational landscape.  Using conscious communication techniques, your future vision will be reinforced, roles will be clarified, and skills will grow.

As your partner, Forward Focus will help make conscious communication an integral part of your culture

Conscious communication is a skill that helps make the future vision a reality...and Forward Focus can develop that organizational skill.

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The Importance of Body Language in the Workplace

When you realize that more than half of the meaning of your message is communicated nonverbally, you’ll understand the importance of positive body language in the workplace.

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What is your communication style? How can you develop it to be more effective in leadership?

How to Communicate With a Remote Team to Keep Communication Real

Your team is scattered, working from home. These remote team communication tips will help you keep communication real to engage your team effectively.

Ignite Sales

An organization’s success depends upon its sales. We train sales professional to increase sales with a proven six-step sales system. This process, and our supportive coaching, is unique among sales training  and  consulting firms.  This program is called  "Integrity Selling" .... and selling with integrity ignites sales.

We enable sales people to identify personal strengths and weaknesses, and discover how others perceive them. Then we coach new behavioral skills, and how to identify and develop customer needs in line with your offering. This leads directly to greater customer confidence and growing commitment.

Your organization benefits from increased sales, greater professionalism in the sales arena, stronger client relationships, and lower costs as staff retention rates rise.  Forward Focus and its Integrity Selling six-step sales system is a solution to help bring your business forward.

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Burst your targets with an autonomous sales team

Stop micromanaging! It’s the key to developing higher-performing and more productive teams. The question is, how can managers who are fearful of letting go of control stop micromanaging? The answer is to embed autonomy, mastery, and purpose within your core values.

When all around is changing, your values will drive your sales

Millennials’ influence in buying decisions is increasing rapidly. Data shows that 66% would boycott your products if you aren’t aligned with their values. Now what do you do?

Are you using technology to improve sales collaboration?

Deloitte found that inclusive teams outperform non-inclusive teams by 80%. Disabled employees work hard, and employers with inclusive teams portray a positive image to the outside world. And you can access specific tax breaks. The question is, what technology can help you integrate disabled employees and reap the rewards in a win/win?

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Janice C Lilien

Forward Focus boosted the capacity of YWCA Union County’s Leadership Team by helping us understand our own communications and work styles, and work more effectively as a team... full testimonial

Janice C. Lilien

Executive Director

YWCA Union County

Tracy Pamperin

Hiring Forward Focus was one of best strategic decisions we ever made... full testimonial

Tracy Pamperin


The Urban Muse

Patrick M Fenelon

Outstanding and Necessary! Beth Williams and the Forward Focus team have made a huge impact on our organization by giving us the tools to move our 3rd generation company forward by effectively engaging our management staff to be leaders... full testimonial

Patrick M. Fenelon


AGL Welding Supply Co., Inc.

Why Primeast

Primeast understands that real, sustainable change is a game changer for all organizations. Real change requires a holistic approach, fostering a new culture that ensures the vision of the future becomes a shared goal. Sustainable change is the result of collective ownership of the change project, with all stakeholders feeling responsible for its success.

Primeast works with clients to build relationships, engaging change advocates and resistors alike. We’ll help ensure your change program sprints out of the gate and maintains momentum to the finish line and beyond. With Primeast you get far more than other human capital consulting firms offer – you benefit from experienced partners, focused on the co-creation of unique breakthrough solutions to make your vision of the future a reality today.

In June of 2019 Forward Focus joined forces with Primeast our international partner and became Primeast North America.  What brought us together was a long standing relationship of trust, shared values and our purpose to partner with our clients to facilitate and lead change and performance improvement that serves to grow people and profits within organizations.  We bring the head and the heart to all we do; engaging, authentic, agile and always interactive, we work alongside our clients as strategic partners and trusted advisors in the “people” side of business!  Call us today for a free consultation of your most pressing business challenge!

Beth Williams,

CEO Primeast, North America

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